"Helping You Find the
  Space that Suits Your Needs"

World Suites
, Inc.
2200 Wilson Blvd
Suite 102 (Box 321)
Arlington, Virginia  22201  USA
(+1) 703-875-8757

Founded in 2000, World Suites is a fast-growing company offering individuals and corporate clients fun and informative web pages about lodging, office space and event space in cities around the world.

Our motto is "Helping you find the space that suits your needs".
World Suites offers you an easy way to make reservations for your
lodging needs and customized help with your office space and
event space needs. We also take pride in replying to customer
inquiries on-line or by phone.

We are happy to list new lodging suites and office suites -- not to mention conference, sporting and entertainment suites, so please send us your suggestions and comments!

Our multi-lingual staff knows that visiting new cultures broadens and enriches minds of all ages. That is why our mission is to donate 10% of profits to exchange programs for young and old in various countries around the world. 


Please let us know how we can better serve you ... and we hope you enjoy our family of websites which continues to grow each month! 

World Suites, Inc.
2200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 102
Arlington, Virginia  22201  /  U.S.A.


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